free downloads

Pay free music-downloads - true?
Many sites are advertised as free music- downloads the actual download, however, is not pay free. Frankly, unfortunately these offerings are merely decoys. Of course there are sites that really offer free music-downloads but as a rule these are not from popular interpreters.

Many sites present music from unknown musicians or bands which is downloadable for free. They also provide the opportunity to give a feedback so that these new bands or singers are given a chance to make a breakthrough. Popular musicians make demos available on their own sites or in rare cases even place a free version.

However, all other songs of popular interpreters can not be made available for free at all since they are subject to copyright protection overseen by the music industry for which rights on music is the source of earnings. So called music exchanges platforms are illegitimate for the very reason that they allow for music piracy which financially harms music industry and interpreters